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May 14, 2019

Preparis Business Continuity & Incident Management Overview

Description: Organizations face continuous threats that can disrupt operations. Unfortunately, implementing an incident management program that fits your organizations specific needs is challenging. Agility Recovery’s Preparis offerings make preparedness easy, so your organization is ready to respond to any business disruption or critical event.

Presenter: Jennifer Gress

Jennifer Gress is a Senior Account Executive with Preparis. Her experience involves helping companies across multiple industry sectors, including financial services, and can assist in facilitating all components of a robust continuity program, from life-safety planning, to enterprise incident management, business continuity, technology recovery, and information security incident response.

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March 26, 2019

The Branch of the Future Presentation

A Webinar By

Description: Convergint Technologies along with the Partnership with Axis Communications will be presenting an overview on what we feel are the key contributors to the development of Branch Transformation projects and how we have deployed new technologies to the modern day branch.


Tom Eich
Mark Barbera
Tim English

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Active Shooter Considerations for Financial Institutions
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Branch of the Future – Facility Fusion 2016 – Presentation Power Point

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