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October 2021

Robbery Preparedness Webinar

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While cases of fraud and cyber-hacking continue to dominate the media, robbery is the most dangerous and feared crime for financial institution employees. A positive outcome will depend on proper training, actions during the event, and addressing the aftermath.
This session will focus on policies and proactive steps that can be followed by employees to enhance the safety and security within a financial institution. Each employee plays a critical role in deterring a robbery with the proper training and prevention tools.
Covered topics will include:

• Current trends in robbery
• What to do before, during, and after a robbery
• How to put your plan into action
• Reinforcement training on the “Keys to Success”
Attendees will have ample time for questions and open dialogue amongst IFMA members.
Who Should Attend:
Security Officers, Front Line Staff, and Branch Management with responsibility for robbery awareness and prevention.

The Presenter:

Jim Fuher, Physical Security Program Manager at STCU, has held positions in fraud prevention, theft mitigation, and security within financial institutions for over 23 years. He has earned three certifications including CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), CFCI (Certified Financial Crimes Investigator), and CUCFE (CUNA Security and Fraud Expert). He is currently working towards his PSP (Physical Security Professional) certification.  Jim uses his education and experience to guide financial institutions on the topics of robbery prevention and risk management.


June 2021

Wellbeing & The Future of Work: New Perspectives on WORKing BETTER

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March 2017

Branch of the Future II, Survey Results
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February 2017

Security for the Branch of the Future, presented by Barry Lynch with panelists Jackie Heyen and Ron Williams
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January 2017

Changing Spaces; What to do with All that Expensive, Vacant, Space presented by David Karpook and Jeff Dyer.

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December 2016

Facility Condition Assessment; Capital Budgeting for Branches presented by Barry Lynch

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October 2016

How to Determine an Appropriate Branch Investment Strategy for the Branch of the Future Presented by Barry Lynch

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Power Point PDF: How to Determine an Appropriate Branch Investment Strategy
Handout (excel file): EXISTING LOCATION ASSESSMENT-Labarre