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New Message from the Council President

My first year as President of the BICUC has been exciting and I’ve been enjoying meeting new people and bring topics to the group that I feel will help you in journey as facilities managers in the financial world.. I have been a Facilities Manager since 1984 and have worked for Financial Institutions since 1978.

Even though I have been in this profession for 35 plus years I continue to learn every day.  You have to adapt to change in order to grow and I have been through a lot.  From computers replacing typewriters, from digital recording with 1080 resolution replacing 35 mm film cameras, from teller POD’s replacing teller stations, and the list goes on.

This BICUC is designed to share ideas for security, remodeling and new construction, and what needs to be included in the design of financial institutions. It is my goal to get the members of this council, not only to become more engaged but to participate in webinars and roundtable discussions.

I have met many of the council members over the years at Facility Fusion as well as World Workplace and there is an abundant of talent among IFMA. If you have any ideas, thoughts or concerns, feel free to email me at: or contact me on my cell phone: 847-406-0256.  Let’s get to know one another.

Ron Williams
Facility Manager, BCU


The Banking Institutions & Credit Union Council focuses on issues such as security, money handling, bank equipment and regulations, customer liability, drive up-lanes, information privacy, disaster recovery, occupancy expense management, leasing, project management and benchmarking. Educational and networking sessions are a focus at meetings and monthly webinars.

The BICUC membership is open to IFMA members who have responsibility for facility management in Banking and Credit Union retail facilities. The mission of the Council is to provide members with all of the resources necessary for them to deliver “Best in Class” service to their organizations.

Are you already an IFMA member and want to become a member of the Banking Institutions and Credit Union Council? Click here or contact Andremarie Jean, Component Liaison at

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